I'm Fiona, a 54 year old Women's Wellness Coach and I know how hard it can be in your 40's and beyond, when you are trying to be fit and healthy and it feels an uphill battle. What you were doing is no longer working and you don't have the energy to think about what to do about it!  


I help women ditch the dieter mentality of restriction, punishment and deprivation and find a kinder and more loving way to be fit and healthy.


The Life ReBoot offers women's on-line wellness programmes and free training, to explore the 5 most important aspects of your health and wellbeing.

50 is the new 30, my friends.  


Just without the PMS and hang ups. 

I know many people think you have to go in hard and fast and just try harder damnit, but there is another way.  Slow is the new sexy. 

Do you take care of yourself with the love and attention you deserve? When was the last time you treated yourself like your own best friend? 

Are you fed up with dieting?   

Are you wanting a way to be fit and healthy without all the effort? Join the Ditch the Diet online workshop on 11 January at 1pm and find out how!

If you're a woman in midlife who is NOT feeling great, then I'd love to help you!  It doesn't have to be difficult or overwhelming when you know how.

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“I have found this course unique and so helpful at realising how all aspects of our lives inter-relate.  Fiona's strategies are very practical and it's good to be part of a group” 

Mrs R, Brighton

“I can honestly say I am starting to understand that wellbeing is all about finding a balance of a number of things.  I feel strong, healthy , much more confident, motivated, oh and inspired too.  So simple really but a revelation.” 

Mrs D, Lewes 

So you might need some support or guidance and that is completely fine. We are not robots.

We don't have to be a superhuman.


I'm on a mission to help a million women feel good!  

For every woman who joins one of my programmes, I will donate 10% to the charity Women's Aid, helping women and children to be safe.

All photos of me by Katie Vandyck 


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