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to stop being obsessed about dieting?
worrying into what you 'should' look like?
comparing your body to others?



I invite you to live to your most bloody awesome potential.  
To stop wasting time dieting and get on with doing the things which light you up instead.  
Does that sound like a good idea?

Diets don't work! They make you miserable, they mess with your health AND they make you heavier than when you started!

I'm Fiona, Wellness Coach, Joy Warrior and Energy Ninja and I am on a MISSION to help you get off the hamster wheel of over dieting/exercising, people pleasing, perfectionism and all that SHOULD-ing and to get living your life with joy and vitality!! 

Are you:


  • Fed up of feeling you 'should' look a certain way but struggling to get there?


  • A fifty something woman juggling menopause? The sandwich generation? Or other big life STUFF?!


  • Done with feeling crap about yourself but not sure how to start feeling good?

I hear you! Now that I have successfully 'escaped the diet and fitness trap' and instead concentrate on how I FEEL, what wellness practices work for ME and how to incorporate more JOY in my life, I am keen to share some of my wisdom with you!


We start with:

"HOW TO know what to eat so you NEVER have to DIET AGAIN!"

Interested? Want to know more?!



I'm on a mission to help a million women feel good!  

For every woman who joins one of my programmes, I will donate 10% to my local primary school breakfast club or food bank.  

No-one should have to go hungry in this country.