Cake or death?!

I love that Eddie Izzard sketch with the little Lego men!…

But here in the world of humans, many people are SO evangelical about food nowadays that there is (unsurprisingly) a new eating disorder called Avoidant/Restriction Food Intake Disorder (ARFID).

People with AFRID avoid or restrict eating eating certain foods, under the guise of being healthy. I have been on various restrictive diets myself in the past, for health reasons I and have seen many people succumb to this new way of eating as another form of 'dieting'. In fact for most of my adult life I have been keeping an eye on food/exercising to control my weight/various other methods of weight related control. I LOVE my food, but there were so many things I would never buy in case I ate them all at once, it didn't occur to me that it was another form of dieting!

Around perimenopause and menopause, when hormonal changes can often lead to a change in body shape, we may find that the exercise and diet methods which used to work, no longer do. So hormonally charged and faced with media pressure to stay slim and youthful, we may end up restricting food even more or exercising more intensely. Neither of which is sustainable or has any health benefits, in fact quite the opposite! All of a sudden the only thing you can think about is CAKE or cheese or wine or whatever your thing is!! Does this sound familiar?!

So the other way is to start to really enjoy our food, whatever that food is. It is so much better for our health and our sanity. Eat mainly real food, and yes, there can be cake too.

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