Are you suffering from Perfectionism?

I was talking to a friend recently about the pressures our children are facing from social media to be perfect or just so. It's one of the things which really gets my goat! Faced with images of (often computerised or photo shopped) people doing ridiculous poses, in supposedly perfect settings, this subliminal messaging is that we are somehow less than if we are not doing the same. Particularly if you are a possibly impressionable teenager. How can we help them (and ourselves) be our own glorious selves??

In my health and fitness world, I notice that some people seem to suffer from some kind of perfectionism paralysis. I see people aiming to be 'perfect', who are frustrated if they cannot do a particular Pilates move, or annoyed at themselves if they cannot resist the night time snack or bottle of wine. The overriding sense is that unless you can do something 100%, it isn't worth doing. Gah!! We are not robots!! Unfortunately this kind of thinking can lead to (or maybe stem from) disordered eating and feelings of lack of self worth.

I'm no psychologist, but I would have a strong bet that this all started at a young age. It is not too late! Set yourself smaller, more achievable goals, understand and celebrate the uniqueness which is you and the same for your children too.

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