Lose 10lb in 5 day!!!

Did that get your attention?!!! When January comes around, we will be seeing plenty more of those types of headlines. Once upon a time, I would have been signing up for that too, looking for the holy grail of fat loss programmes, never feeling like I could trust myself, or that I was good enough as I was (see previous post on Perfectionism). What's with this quick fix mentality that seems to surround us in the media?? From popular talent shows telling us we can bypass hard work and get to fame in a matter of weeks, to the Biggest Loser 'diet and fitness' reality show (how's that for a title destined for failure ?!)

So here's why I WON'T be offering any LOSE FAT QUICKLY style programmes come January. I believe the best 'diet' (poor word, it has been so overused) is the one that is the same on Monday as it is on Saturday. These quick fix style diets are just teaching your body about starvation and then your (clever) body will hang on to the fat it's got, because it thinks that there is a food shortage. There is no way we have a food shortage here in the West. A nutrient shortage maybe, but that's another story.....

So the eating plan I advocate is the one where you eat delicious food that makes you feel good inside and out, which gives you the energy you need to keep you well and healthy. And which includes cake or pavlova or whatever it is you fancy when the occasion calls for it! You won't be dropping pounds overnight, but you won't be white knuckling it and and anyway, aren't you in it for the long haul? !

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