What is the perfect diet?!

It's quite simple really, but like many simple things, it's not that easy for most of us to implement!

It's the one which provides our body with all the vital nutrients it needs to do all it's many jobs (building, repair, digestion, brain, hormone, nerve and muscle function etc).

Also the one which gives us enough energy to do all the things we want and need to do, on a daily basis.... and keeps our moods even.

The one which curbs our hunger and satisfies our cravings.

Oh and most importantly of all, we have to LIKE it or better still ENJOY it - because we're not going to stick to it otherwise, are we?!

The true test of a 'perfect diet' (though I prefer the term 'Good enough' rather than perfect and don't get me started on the word diet) is the one which is just right for YOU and you alone. And it definitely has room for a bit of cake (or even a mince pie or three), when the occasion strikes.

Happy Christmas one and all!

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