Tea time, me time....

I went to an unusual event last weekend - a tea ceremony, run by a local independent, ethical tea company called VRAC. Pauline, the owner, knows LOADS about tea, how it is grown, who the growers are etc and throughout the hour we sampled 3 different kinds. It was probably similar to a wine tasting event, for tea lovers, which is much more my cup of tea (sorry, couldn't resist!)

Now recently, I have been particularly busy and let my good habits slip. If you're a busy person, a working parent or maybe running your own business, I'm sure you know what I mean? (Particularly if you are a busy woman in the run up to menopause, when we get a teensy little bit more sensitive to stress and therefore agitated?!)

So not only have I been eating too quickly of late and not noticing what I have been eating, but also not been paying attention to my tea. I love my tea! I have at least 20 different kinds, (mainly herbal) in the cupboard. Unfortunately my husband is getting bored of asking me if I am going to finish the half drunk cold cup, that I've left in my office, or in the kitchen/bathroom/bedroom. Err, no, I won't be.

So it was a lovely thing to spend time talking, smelling, tasting and appreciating different types of tea. To really taste it - wine connoisseur style, running through meadows, hints of campfire and all! I was reminded of how good the simple things can be, when you actually slow down enough to notice them. Afterwards, I bought some winter rooibos from Pauline (mmm, it has cacao in!), dusted down my lovely tea pot and cups and have been having me time with my tea. Taking the time to make it, pour it, smell it and drink it, who would have thought that could be so relaxing and almost meditative. I'm even starting to feel human again...

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