Feel Good this February!

So here we are in the month of LOVE (I think this is pronounced lurrrvve?). I don't know about you but after the craziness of January I am wondering what can we do to make this a Feel Good month?

After co-hosting the docu-film Embrace last month, (here is the link to the trailer and ticket sales if you have somehow missed my posts on this) and hearing from so many women (and men) about their body image struggles, I have been mulling over what I can do to help people turn this self destruction around. The film and the conversations and messages afterwards, really highlighted how many of us are hating our bodies, not feeling good/clever/thin/whatever enough. Too many people feeling crappy - it's crazy, right?!

I know, because I have been there too for most of my adult life. It wasn't until I was rushing towards menopause, when I really started to think, wtf is going on here?! (Thanks testosterone, for helping me speak up!) It is work in progress, but I am way happier in myself nowadays at the ripe old age of 52. Plus I'm so glad I am no longer secretly dieting (controlling food and exercise in order to keep slim). Life is way too short! So whatever age you are, it is not too late to start to love yourself.

Besides, if the thought of Valentines day and restaurants filled with roses and hand holding couples, (will it be Valentines week before we know it?!) makes you want to roll your eyes, why not do something different for a change?

So, I have a challenge for you! Rather than spend a fortune on flowers and chocolates for yourself, err, I mean your loved one, I have an (much simpler and cheaper) alternative! I have devised a Feel Good February calendar. Try a different feel good act every day and see if you love yourself a whole lot more by the end of the month! Click here to download your copy.

Tag me on FB or twitter to let me know your favourite, or better still, post me a photo!!

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