Keeping that summer feeling....

Doesn't it make you feel good, when the sun shines and you have a lovely lazy/active/peaceful/fill in the blank day?! I believe holidays are all about taking the time to do what you really want/need (for the most part), whether that is to try new things or to unwind, but the time always seems to fly, don't you think?

After a pretty tough start to 2017, with my husband having an unexpected change of job, then his step mum dying, shortly followed by his dad, we really NEEDED a holiday this year. And, very thankfully, we had a marvellous one. One which rejuvenated and restored all of us. None of us wanted to come home - we wanted to press pause on life just a little bit longer......

It got me thinking - how can we continue even just a teeny bit of that lovely holiday feeling? Even for a month or so? That would be sooo good, wouldn't it? If you're dying to know how, and want to get cracking straight away, here are my Top Three Tips to Keeping the Summer Feeling.

(For more details, watch my YouTube video here)

1. Book another trip/holiday, or start planning your next one. Sometimes the planning is as exciting and it definitely helps to have something to look forward to.

2. Ensure you are doing something you love on a regular weekly/monthly basis. You've got to keep the Joy Bank topped up! You may need to do a quick life audit to 'find' the time for this.

3. How can you capture the essence of holiday back home? Work out what was it about your holiday which made you feel so good? Having relaxed time alone/together? Visiting new places? Trying new experiences? Only you will know what that special thing is. Decide on your top 3 factors and see how you can incorporate them into your life: try new food; visit new places; arrange 'timeout' for yourself; have a massage - you'll know what's right. Just make sure you put it in the diary!

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