Is good enough, good enough for you?

Oh my goodness, there are so many diets out there, aren't there? So many ways to get fit and healthy and so many trainers and coaches promising transformation. Maybe you've been there, done that? Maybe you have worked harder, faster, longer and got the results you wanted. But, I'm guessing these results were only temporary, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this now, would you?!

It's alright to look like Madonna, Elle, Beyonce, whoever is your idol. If you are them. If you don't have a job and kids and a husband/house/ PTA/parents/rabbits/fill-in-the-blank to look after.

But let me ask you this - what if you felt happy in your body, if you were fit enough to do whatever you need to do, had enough energy to have some fun and love life, would that be enough?

I tried (kind of) to look like Madonna. It was exhausting. I got sick and ended up alienating family and friends. No-one cared about my defined triceps or my strong lats. I was not a happy bunny.

Does this ring any bells? If so - then why not try this. Being just good enough. Have just enough dessert to get the taste buds tingling. Work out just enough to enable you to do that hilltop trek. Sample that curry your hostess made, have that cake/prosecco when you celebrate your friend's birthday.

No overnight transformation. But living your life joyfully is sooo much more sustainable and satisfying, don't you agree? #alwaysroomforchocolate

Photo of me by Katie Vandyck

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