Give a little Christmas Cheer

Here we are again, a little older and a little wiser! I don't know about you, but thinking about Christmas gets me into a bit of a reflective mood. I think it's partly due to people asking me what does so-and-so want for a present and partly me realising how bloody lucky I am. I'm not particularly interested in 'stuff', I just want to spend time doing things I love, with people I love.

And personally, I think that reflection about life is the perfect time to make any resolutions or decisions about any changes we want for 2018. Not in a crazy, let's throw out all the food and go on a diet of wheatgrass and run 10 miles every day kind of way, (because when does THAT ever work?!) but in a curious, "Am I doing something meaningful with my life?", "Do I need to give something/one up?" or "Do I need to make changes to my health and wellbeing so I can have a more joyful and happy life?" A life-enriching kind of reflection. Who says resolutions have to be on NYE?! THat's soooo last century!

It may just my corner of the world, but it seems that many other people are in a reflective mood and re-thinking the traditional excess of Christmas and are deciding to give a little something back instead.

I have long been an advocate of charity shops and have spent several years volunteering in my local Oxfam. (I've bought many a present from there, often without telling the person it's intended for! Not everyone shares my love of reduce, recycle, reuse. They also have excellent 'pay it forward' ethical gifts such as give a goat, educate a child, feed a family and many more.) Every January we would see the unwanted gifts coming in. Mountains of them! Do we really need more sh!t?!

So my 'gift' to you this Christmas, is a Kindness Calendar from the Action for Happiness, which luckily popped up in a friend's feed as I was pondering how to create something similar of my own.... I hope it gives you chance for reflection and I wish you much health and happiness over the coming year, because that, I believe, is what we all truly want.

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