STOP!! Do NOT make any resolutions!

Am I too late? Have you done it already?! Ok, it's fine, you can press delete/tear it up, no-one need know!

Unless yours was to love yourself unconditionally and know you are doing your absolute best - was it? Do tell me it was! I will send you a Valentines card if it was!

Yes I know you probably ate/drank your body weight in mince pies/turkey/chocolates/gin/prosecco/ whatever, but since when did you punish yourself for having a good time?!

Ok, so I will allow you to have a resolution if yours was to gently and kindly start to treat yourself to delicious foods which give you the energy and health you need? If you are upping the exercise with weekly yoga/ballet/archery/netball/whatever makes you feel all "I bloody love it and can't wait till next week!" about it, but anything else - PRESS DELETE!

And why am I all so fired up about resolutions and what gives me the right to tell YOU what to do? After 20 years in womens fitness and health, do you know how many people start in January and drop out in February?! How many pissed off, disillusioned, feeling crappy people is that? THAT'S why I'm on my soap box. Fitness and wellbeing for anything other than "Because I'm worth it and love it" should go in the bin.

And just so you know, my resolution? NONE of course, unless you count zip wiring over by the Green Man Festival - squeeeeeee!!! I cannot wait!!!

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