How to get healthy? Find your legacy!

"Ooh Crikey", I said, when I was first asked what my legacy was by my new mentor. I squirmed and shifted and cleaned the house (my go-to procrastination exercise) and ignored it for a bit (a lot). Does that ring any bells?!

"i'm not good at this stuff" I thought crossly. "What is the point?". Yes, there is one....

So, like most good answers, this one came while I was doing something else. (Which is not helpful for someone with multi-tasking tendencies, sigh.) But I realised how useful the question was, because it is a reminder of why you do what you do and who you are. It is the culmination of that rocking chair moment on your porch, when you're (well I will be) cackling and drinking gin and thinking "At least they know X, that's what I showed/taught them".

And why is THAT important? Because getting connected to WHY you are doing something is a massive motivator and the single biggest indicator of whether you will succeed in something and especially within my field of health and fitness. I don't know of anyone who gets into their health groove without a good reason, or if they do, I'd like to bet it wouldn't last for long. I do know plenty of people who THINK they have a reason (size 10 jeans, to look good on holiday, because my partner wants me to) and are not succeeding because their reason isn't connected to their why.

Do you know what your legacy, your why is? Are you strongly connected to that, so that you are literally pulled in the direction you want to go in?!

If not, let's talk! #getlovingyourselfhealthy #findyourjoy

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