Do you have a dieter mentality?

Do you have one? Do you know what it is? And why you should care?!

First off, this is not necessarily about a weight issue.

It's a mindset issue.

It's thinking you have to control food in and/or exercise out, in order to look a certain way or to feel a certain way. Maybe you are eliminating certain foods or using exercise as a way to compensate for 'bad' days??

All in order to look just-so or 'perfect', which I call mythical size X (it's a false construct - no one actually knows what perfect is after all the photoshopping anyway).

But if we live this way, it's putting us in an unnecessary state of stress. If we're forever controlling our food and not enjoying it, truly enjoying it, it's mentally exhausting. It adds to the burden of stress which so many of us are already experiencing in modern life.

Living from fear and not joy.

And that's no way to live.

It's the fear that if we don't stay in control, things will spiral and you'll be found face down on the buffet table, having hoovered up everything in sight. And everyone will know and no-one will love you.

That, my friend, is not going to happen. That is your monkey mind playing tricks on you. It is the messaging all around you, especially from Big Diet, seducing you with their smooth talk.

"When you look like this, then you will be perfect. You will have everything you want. You will be loved, rich, successful"

I have a theory or two about what's behind all this, but I'll save that til next time!

So let me ask you this - let's say you go to a fab party and really let your hair down. You eat what you want, drink what you want and have a bloody great time. How do you feel the day after? What is it you say to yourself? THAT will tell you if you have Dieter Mentality!

Until next time,

Fiona x

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