So how can I help you?

I've literally been a guinea pig for my own work for over 30 years.  Trying this diet, that exercise programme, the latest clean eating, the fasts, you name it.  It's been a real journey, one I'm sure you know all too well!   


I know what it's like to be caught up in the binge and deprive cycle, jumping from one diet to the next, or to be (pretending not to be) aware of everything you're eating and then exercising like mad if you have a 'bad' day.   

Never really enjoying your food, not quite sure if you're supposed to be paleo, vegan or knitting your own breakfast??!  


WTF can I eat?! Will someone PLEASE tell me!!!


All the while not liking who you are when you look in the mirror and pretending to feel good but really feeling like shit inside!

It is exhausting, constantly being on the diet treadmill (and to be really clear here, dieting means any way you are controlling what you eat or how you move in order to look a certain way.  A certain size or figure on the scale).   

But there's hope.  I promise you.  You CAN do it differently.  You can enjoy being in your body, you can feel energised and vital again AND live a joyful life!

You've been lied to by the diet culture and you've forgotten how to tune into your own wise-beyond-measure body. 

This is where I come in! 

There are various ways you can get the help you so want.  


There is no overnight quick fix (but you already know they don't work) - instead I help you to tune in to what your body wants, release the unhelpful conditioning and learn to 'do' health from a place of love and joy.  It's the best way I know to be healthy.  

Follow me on Facebook  where I run free mini reboots or Instagram to check out what I'm up to  right now .  I host challenges, do live trainings and various other random free things to help get you thinking differently and on your path to Diet Liberation!

Then there are the paid alternatives for when you KNOW you want help NOW in a more focussed and speedier way.  Email me to find out more and to have a FREE 30 minute virtual coffee and chat to see