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I get it, I really do.  I know what it's like to be caught up in the binge and deprive cycle, jumping from one diet to the next, or to be subconsciously aware of everything you're eating and then exercising like mad if you have a 'bad' day.   

Never really enjoying food, not quite sure if you're supposed to be paleo, vegan, fruitarian??!  


WTF do you eat?!


All the while not liking who you are when you look in the mirror and pretending to feel good but really feeling like shit inside! The put a brave face on and get on with it way. Telling yourself to snap out of it and think of all the people who really have it bad.  


Like that helps.

It is exhausting, feeling shit.  Pretending you're ok but losing the plot.  

But there's hope.  I promise you.  You CAN do it differently. 

You've been lied to by the diet culture and you've forgotten how to tune into your own wise-beyond-measure body. 

This is where I come in! 

There are various ways you can get the help you so want.  

My free Facebook group, Love Yourself Healthy is a great place to start to learn how to do it differently.  I host challenges, do live trainings and polls to help show you the way.  Click here to join.

Then there are the paid alternatives for when you're ready to get the help you REALLY need!

First off, Body Loving which is currently running twice a year.

Body Loving

A 10 week on-line holistic wellness programme to help you break free from dieting and to get you loving the heck out of yourself - for the first time EVER!!! 


  • Get some boundaries in place, to start to do some proper, juicy radical self care!

  • Find the right exercise for you, so you can't WAIT to get moving and groovin'

  • Ditch the old, unhelpful, limiting beliefs which are keeping you STUCK

  • Tune in to the foods which light YOU up, not some celebrity on the latest diet fad

  • Discover how to use your own energy to turbo charge your results and get you feeling GREAT, pretty darn quick  


If you're ready to ditch that mentality of controlling everything you eat and when and how you move, then let me help show you the way.  It's time! 

Next group starting soon.  Price £695. 

Click the button to join the next round.   Please email me here if you have questions.

Then there is Body Loving Extra.


Body Loving Extra - Get ready to accelerate your results!

I know group programmes aren't for everyone -
 so if you want more support with private one-to-one coaching alongside the main Body Loving programme, then Extra is for you. 

Sometimes you want to go at your own pace and not rely on others to hurry up/slow down.  Sometimes you need a bit more support, you don't want to share in a group and all of this is ok.  It's more than ok!  It's you honouring yourself and that is bloody great in my book.  

Body Loving Extra has 5 private sessions in addition to the main programme and some extra special touches throughout the 10 weeks to support you on the journey. 


If you would like some more details of the Extra programme, please click  here.


Price  - £2500 (instalments available).




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