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Welcome to your Fifties.

It can be a time of great change and challenge but with that also comes great wisdom and learning. A woman in her fifties can be a magnificent creature!
No longer bound by high oestrogen and the desire to nurture others, it can be a time to turn inward and take stock of your life, perhaps for the first time!
Yes there may be some tricky navigation with health and relationship issues, ailing parents and job losses, but it is up to you to choose to take the learning and run with it.
I did it and so can you!





"Embracing imperfection is the most perfect way to live your life"

I'm Fiona, Joy Warrior, Self Care Queen and, more recently, a cold water sea swimming enthusiast! 

I guide women towards a healthier, stronger and more self aware life.  

Especially women at menopause. ESPECIALLY if you are ready to be more than a number - be it your age, the one on the scales, or tape measure or any other number that you think defines you. 

There is a genius time, as the hormones change, when you think about others less, and yourself more.  You feel the desire to be less controlled and more empowered.

And we start with a permission slip for your self care.

Not the bath bomb and scented candle kind of self care, (rolls eyes) but the one where you put you at the forefront and make decisions about what is truly right for you. From ditching the 'shoulds'  about how you move, what you eat and what you wear - to saying yes when you mean it (instead of no) and vice versa. And a healthy dose of swearing for good measure.  

It's time to ditch the fear of being allowed to be YOU, exactly as you are.

Time to ditch the people pleasing, perfectionism and disempowering patterns..

The menopause is the perfect time to make these 

To allow in your 'muchness'.

To be living life authentically by your own inner guidance, with less resentment, anger and depression and more love, laughter and joy. 

If not now, when??


For every woman who joins one of my programmes, I will donate 10% to my local primary school breakfast club or food bank.  

No child should have to go hungry in this country. 

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