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Welcome to your Fifties!

It can be an amazing time, but once we hit menopause (and add in ill health, job loss, divorce, caring for elderly parents, parents dying, empty nest syndrome, or a pandemic for good measure) we can feel like we have clicked our ruby slippers and have no idea where the hell we are!



"Embracing imperfection is the most perfect way to live your life"

I'm Fiona, aka the Joy Warrior, Self Care Queen and, more recently, a cold water sea swimming enthusiast! 

I work to guide women to build a strong foundation of health and wellness.

Especially women at menopause. 

There is a genius time, as the hormones change, when you think about others less, and yourself more.  You feel the desire to be less controlled and more empowered.

And we start with ditching the diet.

Dieting is really about fear and control -  the control of your body, your energy, your finances and your time.

Fear of being allowed to be YOU, exactly as you are.

And people pleasing, perfectionism and disempowering patterns all play a role.

The menopause is the perfect time to make these 

To allow in your 'muchness'.

To be living life authentically by your own inner guidance, with less resentment, anger and depression and more love, laughter and joy. 

It all starts with learning to honour yourself.  Are you ready?! 


I'm on a mission to help a million women feel good!  

For every woman who joins one of my programmes, I will donate 10% to my local primary school breakfast club or food bank.  

No-one should have to go hungry in this country.