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Privacy Policy

Since the General Data Protection Regulation change on 25th May 2018, all individuals in the EU have rights regarding the way that businesses collect and use your data. These replace the Data Protection Act of 1998 and apply to all citizens of the EU. You can find out more from the Information Commissioner’s Office.

We all have a right to know who has our data and what is being done with it.  As a small business of just me, I am actually the data controller, as in I am the person who deals with your information and I take this very seriously.  If you have any complaints about how I handle your data, please do get in touch with me first, so that I can rectify any issues.   

What data do I collect and what do I do with your data?

I will use your name email to keep you informed and to share relevant information regarding living a healthy life.  This will include newsletters, training material,  relevant events, workshops, or similar services or products, free or paid, which I am running or involved in. I may give your email to a third party who I am working in conjunction with, to keep you informed of any such events.  

I may also occasionally hire a personal assistant, who will act as a data processor on my behalf, to help with the administration side of running a business.  If there is an occasion to share with any third parties such as HMRC or a legal advisor, I will act appropriately in accordance to any legal obligations.  

If you have paid to join a class, workshop, group or other service, I will use any financial details you give me to process the payment for that service only.  

If you join me as a paying client, there might be occasions when the information you share may be of a medical or personal nature, so that I might advise you specifically on how to become healthier and happier. 

Any information shared with me will be stored safely, password protected or in a locked cabinet if paper copies.  

I will not sell your information to any third parties and will only share your details if I am working with an individual or company on an event, service or product which I believe may be of interest or use to you.  

If you wish to unsubscribe at any time, please use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of your most recent email.   

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