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Diets are rubbish. They don’t work long term. Fact. 

You know this. I know this. Science knows this (did you know that the average western woman has been on over 60 diets? - 60!!!!!)


So why do we keep going back to them? Well, it might have something to do with a $65 billion (!) industry that depends on you repeatedly failing to make its money. 


As you can tell I am not a fan of Dieting. Like most women, I have done many over the years in many different guises. If it works for you and you are happy, then great. But with an industry average failure rate of 95%, then there's a pretty good chance that you know they don't work.


Diets make you obsessed about food and miserable in the long term. 

They mess up your metabolism and make it increasingly harder to stay at your dream weight. 

They take up so much of our precious time, energy and life force - which is a sorry state of affairs for something that DOESN’T EVEN WORK!


We’re being treated like idiots and it’s time to call a halt!


But wait - does that mean we give up, buy the fat pants and be done with it?  HELL NO!



Can you be healthy, happy, vibrant and (dare I say it?) SEXY?!

Hell YEAH!


I’m Fiona Whitfield and I am a recovering dieter, and rabble rousing health coach on a mission to stick two fingers up to big diet and forge a path to reclaiming our bodies, pleasure and health. 



I work with women to help them escape the multi billion dollar diet culture and show them how to get long term health, vibrancy and sexiness - for good. 


How do we do it? Is it Paleo? Clean eating - oooh, no, Keto? Vegan? Charcoal and oranges?!!!


Actually, it’s not a diet plan at all (although we do look at food).

We look at pleasure, stress and all the other factors that impact your weight (for example, did you know that when your body is in a stressful state it’s impossible to lose weight? Your body holds onto the weight and won’t let the sucker go!)


●     We’ll look at the WHOLE you and put the right practices into place that will make losing weight easy. 

●     We’ll design a custom pleasure plan (easy - not THAT kind of pleasure plan!) to add some joy back into your life and your eating. One that will support your body achieving the right weight without restriction and deprivation. 

●      I’ll show you ways to create joyful movement in your life (even if you hated PE at school and would rather die than go to a zumba class) 

●     AND you’ll have a deeper, more respectful relationship with yourself and your body. 





The only ‘guilty pleasure’ you need is your dodgy taste in boy bands....

And you will learn to trust yourself and your body to know exactly what to do - no perfection needed, You’ll let go of that obsessive self criticism that goes hand in hand with a failing system like dieting. You’ll discover ways to have the chocolate cake  and REALLY enjoy it instead of it being a ‘guilty pleasure’ (how radical is that?) 


You deserve to take all of those hours (months, years?) that you’ve been spending worrying about calories and points back so that you can focus on what really gives you joy! 

You can be free from the exhaustion of diet culture - the cycle of optimism, hard work, watching yourself like a hawk, avoiding social situations, inevitably falling off the wagon, feeling like a fat, undisciplined failure ...until the next diet comes along. 


It’s possible, I promise. 


“It was definitely the right decision to start working with Fiona, as I now celebrate the small wins and let go of things that are not in my control.  Realising that making just small changes can make a big difference to my energy levels and happiness. I have learnt things that will stay with me for life.“  - Nettie


"At only 4 weeks in.....I have taken the scales away. Relying on clothes, I am a dress size down!  I realise that my swimming is enough at present 3 times a week for longer sessions with the help of a water iPod. I am removing sugar from diet and being kinder to myself mentally. Using positive affirming statements directed to my health.  Having your support makes all the difference, it’s hard to do on your own!"  - Katie



Curious to know how you can escape the insanity that is diet culture and still be healthy and vibrant (sexy even?) 


Book a confidential, no obligation chat with me today. 


No hard sell, diet shakes, pills, or making your own weird food - promise!

The ‘secret’ is learning what YOUR body wants and needs so you  create the lifestyle which is just right for you. So that you can enjoy chocolate or wine, or both (!) without feeling like you are sliding down a slippery slope into a vat of chocolatey, gooey mess that you will never get out of …


What we’ll do:


Learn how to get moving in a way that feels joyful, so that you get those feel good endorphins kicking in ASAP.

Eat real food that you enjoy, food that tastes great and gives you all the energy you need, so that you don’t EVER feel deprived (and no I’m not going to be telling you to love quinoa or dehydrated kale!)


Find out what subconscious beliefs and patterns are holding you back from being as healthy and happy as you want to be and let those suckers go, making it easier to make and keep new, healthy habits - YAY.


Discover how to start a radical self care practice (without guilt) so that you create an upward spiral of feeling good and you’re not relying solely on food for your all your pleasure *wink*.  


Easily build your own unique healthy lifestyle plan, tailored just for you, to take all the guesswork out of “should I eat this or that?” Do I go to an exercise class or do an early morning swim?  It’s the lifestyle equivalent of a capsule wardrobe, which makes life so much simpler!


How will we do it?


Weekly short and to the point video training modules - who has time to spend hours learning?

Easy strategies and practices to choose from, to implement the training and make the new habits stick like glue 


24/7 access to all training material - learn at the time which best suits YOU


5 x 60 minute private coaching calls to help overcome any challenges or tricky mindset saboteurs or simply to be your best cheerleader. Give me an “A”!


The finer details. 


The one-to-one Body Loving Extra Programme lasts 10 weeks 


Total investment is £2500


Or 3 monthly instalments of £870


This programme is designed to break the cycle of dieting, so you never have to go on a diet or think of counting points/calories, ever again.  At the end of the 10 weeks, you’ll have created your own specially designed lifestyle plan and you’ll not only feel good and look good, but you’ll have a healthy relationship with food and finally, finally love the heck out of yourself!  

If you are ready to give up dieting FOR GOOD and feel happy, vibrant and sexy as hell in your body, then let’s talk!


Intrigued? Book in for a confidential chat and let's talk about whether Body Loving could be a good fit for you.

“I know how important self care is. I harp on about it everyday to my clients, but wasn't doing it for myself. There was always an excuse, usually around my being too busy being a mum on my own to have the time.

Yesterday, from all the release work this week, I realised that those excuses suddenly didn't even sound right in my mind. They had been clear as day before but now they sound alien words


Thank you infinity Fiona! X” - Natalie

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