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Is the 10 Day Feel Good Programme for you?


  • Are you a woman in your 40's or 50's?

  • Have you been feeling more ‘meh’ than ‘yay’ lately? 

  • Are you so tired, you drag yourself out of bed and have to have coffee to wake up or keep you going through the day? 

  • And wine to wind down at the end of the day, starting at wine o’clock?!

  • Has your ‘old’ exercise and fitness routine stopped working for you?


 Then join with me and a group of like minded women, for the 10 Day Feel Good programme.  Over the course of the 10 days you will learn strategies to help enhance  your mood, strengthen your mindset and boost your energy, so you start to get that va-va-voom you have been missing for so long! NO dieting involved!


This is what the programme covers:

  • Learn how to get off your backside and kickstart feeling good, every day!

  • How to get (and stay) motivated

  • Why the right mindset is CRUCIAL to wellbeing and how to get it

  • How to eat to really help you feel your best

  • Navigating parties, eating out and holidays

  • The right type of exercise (and what to AVOID like the plague!)

  • Strategies to help you get a good night's sleep

  • How to find time for that all-important self care

How it works:

  • Delivered by daily live lunchtime training via private Facebook group (or catch up later when it's convenient for you)

  • Worksheets to help you understand which strategies are best for you and to make the experience hands on

  • Plus homework, to help the strategies stick and start implementing those new habits!

  • Private support forum - a secret community for discussions, story sharing, what works, what doesn't and support for each other. I'll be 'joining' you daily to answer your queries and help keep you on track too.  So good to know you're not alone.


PLUS a few little extra bonuses to help you decide!

  • The Life Reboot Recipe e-book - over 50 family friendly, tried and tested breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes.  All quick and easy dishes, using REAL food.  Value £25

  • Daily kick-start Activity Guide - a video and handout of activities to boost your energy or change your mood in as little as 5 minutes.  Value £25

  • A private one-to-one coaching session with me to create a bespoke health and fitness plans which fits in with your lifestyle and budget.  Value £99 

       The next 10 Day Feel Good Programme starts 26 January 2018 and costs £99







SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - I don't believe my way is the only way, but I DO believe in what I teach - it's actually how I live my life!   All of the clients who have been through my programme have had improvements to their health and wellbeing. Whereas I cannot guarantee the results you will get, I firmly believe that if you are willing to put in the time and the effort and try the strategies and techniques I will show you, then you too will see improvements to your health and wellbeing.  If you are not completely satisfied with the programme by the halfway stage, then I will refund 100% of your investment.

Remember - when you join up, I donate 10 % of the programme cost to the charity Women's Action, which works towards helping women and children feel safe.  

By helping yourself, you are helping other women too. 

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