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Fiona doing outdoor Pilates
My Story

The formal stuff is that I have worked in the fitness industry for 20 years and I am also a trained nutritional therapist and Pilates instructor.  I am a mum and a wife and I run my own business.


The real stuff is that I have struggled for most of my adult life, with food,  in one way shape or other.  Either by controlling it (or failing to), by controlling exercise (or failing to) or by comfort eating, crying, bingeing and depriving my way through my emotions and my life.  

The wake up call was perimenopause - the bit before the menopause -  when  the things I was doing to be fit and healthy were no longer working. I was struggling with sweats, sleep issues, shouting at the dog and getting more and more stressed.   I eventually realised that I had been trying to do it perfectly (doh!) and failing miserably.  So I decided to create another way.

You 100%, absolutely CAN be healthy and happy and be just good enough.  

Plus it's a heck of a lot easier than the Big Diet way of binge/deprive way! And there is ALWAYS room for good chocolate too!

If you want to know how I help women via my signature Body Loving programme - head here to check it out.

“I've lost weight, feel healthy, feel happier, have more energy and all because I broke out of long developed habits which with hindsight were not good for me - guidence, instruction, encouragement and support made all that possible and I really, really believe I won't fall back into old habits because I no longer think of those foods I used to eat as nice or crave them .”

Mrs T, 41

“I’ve been feeling really good about my body and I’m using the mantra everyday. I’m not sure if I’ve lost weight but it feels like it ... or I’m just
Loving my body just as it is. Anyway it’s all good. You are brilliant.”

Ms D, 46

"All the info I've learnt over years was clouding my judgement on what was best for me, so we worked on fine tuning EXACTLY which parts of what diets were working and not working.
The upshot was, i now have a clear insight, everytime I put food in my mouth, my instincts inform me of the benefits and downfalls, i can then make a choice, do I eat it or not? Thank you Fiona, it's been amazing" 

Mrs H, 50

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