So how can I help you?

I've literally been a guinea pig for my own work for over 30 years.  Trying this diet, that exercise programme, reading (and half arsedly implementing) the latest self help book, you name it.  It's been a real journey.....  


I know what it's like to be caught up in searching for 'the thing' to 'fix' the problem, to help me feel happier (or less miserable/angry/frustrated) and feeling like a big fat failure when it didn't work. Wondering what I had done wrong.  


Does that sound familiar?


I think it would be very rude of me not to share the things I have learned, so that you don't have to spend years trying to work it out! 


There is no overnight quick fix (as you no doubt are aware) - instead I help you to tune in to what your body wants, release the unhelpful conditioning and learn to be you from a place of acceptance and love, with my own magical mix of practical and a sprinkling of woo-woo.

These are the programmes I am currently offering in 2022. 

(For each group programme, I offer one place for a very small token for someone on low income who really wants it. Please contact me if you would like to know more)

THE SUGAR REBOOT - DIY programme £44 - available anytime

Here we get into the nitty gritty of why sugar is very definitely not good for us! It's known to be as addictive as cocaine ffs... Diving into why we crave it and what we can do instead. No white knuckling necessary. Email me for the payment and access link.  

FOOD CYCLING - 3 weeks £66 - next group summer 2022

At Menopause and beyond, when changing hormones mean we are more likely to be craving carbs, when insulin doesn't work so efficiently and we are more stress reactive, it's hard to know HOW to eat! Food Cycling - a form of intermittent fasting with bells on, is a really natural and efficient way to eat (and more fun in a group).

YOUR HEALTH, YOUR WAY - Individual sessions £99 per 90 minute session

With so many questions over what to eat, how to move and what self care to do, it can be overwhelming. Your health, your way helps you to tune in to your own bespoke wellness plan.  No dieting or forcing yourself to do exercise you hate. This is a gentle, playful way, working out what your body wants and the way she wants to do it.  

YOUR LIFE, YOUR WAY - The Complete VIP ReBoot £999

The whole shebang. Looking at your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, with your thoughts, beliefs, patterns and habits. Where they came from and how to create positive ones to help you become healthier and happier for the long term. 


A complete ReBoot over 3 months, complete with video training, worksheets and private mentoring..  All at your pace, so you can move through life with more ease, more authenticity and with more joy.  

Email me to find out more and to have a FREE 30 minute virtual coffee and chat to see if we would be a good 'fit' for working together.